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Thomas Farthing - Expedition Knitwear

Thomas Farthing recently embarked on a 1930s inspired scientific expedition to Spitsbergen - A Norwegian island around 600 miles south of The North Pole.

During our expedition amidst the wild beauty and awe of the Norwegian landscape we were also faced with some of the damaging side effects of single use plastic and commercial fishing equipment littering our oceans.

We decided to work in partnership with Zing Ocean Conservancy, a non-profit conservation group based in Norway.

ZING have removed 4.2 METRIC TONNES of waste in just 4 months and have a goal of removing 12 over the next 8 months.

10% of our ‘Expedition Knitwear’ sales will be donated to ZING to do our part in helping them reach their goal.

Over the coming months following our ‘Spitsbergen Collection’ we will be keeping you up to date with what has been achieved with the help of your donations.

If you would like to find out more about Zing and their mission to clean our oceans, visit their website: